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So the big trade show is coming up at the Javits Center and you have your very own booth at the trade show of your dreams, what do you do? The answer is simple, start studying the trade show display printing market in NYC because good marketing at the Javits Center is what separates the winners from the losers. When purchasing retractable or portable marketing pieces once must consider the price, quality and flexibility of the print product. One must also take into consideration the quality of the graphic itself as well as the turnaround time for the item. Many trade show booths make the rookie mistake of skimping out on their advertising to makeup for the high cost of the trade show booth. This is a critical mistake. Anyone who has the golden opportunity to market their brand at a Javits Center trade show must go "All In". This site will provide you with quality screened trade show display printing companies in Manhattan & NYC and also offer you vital tips all relative to the industry.

Trade Show displays at NYC's Javits Center

The Javits convention Center is a massive convention center located in Manhattan, New York. One of the largest in the country it boasts an exhibit space of 840,000 square feet. It was built in the mid-1980s and named after US Senator Jacob K. Javits. Known as one of the busiest convention center in the United States there is potential for great trade shows. They range from food to tools to books, where each display operator needs to compete with one another to attract attention and communicate their message. Displays and banner used at shows like these can provide the proper environment for your product to succeed.

Which Banners?

One of the most common and most successful banner to use in a trade show is a retractable banner. They are a mobile and simple banner that can roll up into its frame for easy transport. They require minimal opening and closing effort and can be done by anyone in a matter for minutes. They are usually vinyl or cloth and can contain graphics, text, contact info, anything you need. Retractable banners are a cost-effective way that is certain to attract the positive attention you want. Some of the optional features include LED lights that can really draw the crowds.

Another great banner to use is a standard vinyl banner. These can be set up in front of the display on the table or side, and clearly communicate the message you like. Along with mesh or cloth, these banners along with their vibrant colors and high quality ink are an essential tool for trade shows. Nearly all banner types are slim and space savers that can maximize the effectiveness of even small trade show booths, to allow all participants an equal market share.

Why use banners

A trade show allows organizations and companies from similar fields to come together to demonstrate their products and services. By its very nature, it is competitive and each display must make every effort to distinguish itself from the competition. Potential customers browse the isles look at each display and you may only have a matter of seconds to communicate who you are and what you do. Many people do not have time to dedicate so much to do a deep investigation of each display.A banner allows you to choose focus points that you think people will be most interested in and highlight them. With the proper graphics and art work, a short amount of details, and of course name and brief contact information, then the attendees will be sure to stop and ask question, or at a minimum know who you are and why you are important. Only an effective banner has the potential to communicate all the necessities in such a short amount of time, and because of this no trade show display is complete without one.

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